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Health / Insurance

Client Name

  • APS
  • First Medical / Alpine
  • Multinational Insurance
  • Ponce Health & Sciences University

APS Health

APS Health LogoIs the leading mental health group in Puerto Rico, serving more than a million lives. Which has been operating since 1999 and continues its trajectory of innovation to improve the emotional well-being of its people.  This organization is dedicated to the administration of mental health services with more than 20 years of experience.

With digital transformation of the Credentialization and Recredencialization of Providers process, APS Health handles information and documentation more effectively using controls and technology integration.

With the solution developed in OnBase by Hyland Software you can:

  • Manage the cred/recred process from the start of the request to the certification of credentials and assign future dates
  • Create, capture, and validate the related documents in each step of the process of cred/recred
    List of documents is generated for each type of vendor
  • The following types of Providers will be handled: Individual, Group, Hospital, Laboratory and Ambulance
  • Create the expiration notification letters according to 180, 120, 90, 60 and 30 days
  • Create the Welcome and Rejection letters, as the case may be
  • Update supplier information
  • Reporting

The system currently has more than 2,300 vendors and is on the rise.

By automating this process, we ensure that APS Healthcare continues with excellent practice, with its properly credentialed clinical providers.

First Medical / Alpine

First Medical Logo

Is a company that for years has grown and evolved into a broad-based internal medicine practice. Providing quality service and innovation to the client at the time of their personalized attention, all this through the tools implemented with Perceptive Content by Hyland Software for data capture or collection.

It is a company that handles a high volume of documents in each of its processes that it handles internally and externally.

Thanks to the Perceptive Content solution by Hyland Software the customer can:

  • Capture, organize, index, search, and store documents
  • Manage information about your claims
  • Through the Application Plan with Learn Mode, you can integrate directly with ezCap by extracting the data directly and faster. Implemented up to 5 Application Plans within Perceptive Content that reads up to 5 fields on the ezCap screen, allowing you to index documents and retrieve documents related to a particular claim quickly.

The diagram below shows the overall process with digitization

Infographic Preliminary Claim Process

Hyland Software can solve through each of its processes the problems presented by its customers to efficiently index the input data in the application.

Multinational Insurance

Multinational Insurance Logo

Is a company dedicated to the offering of products of life, cancer, and disability, is in several countries and has over the years an excellent trajectory, offering its customers an option that gives security and long-term life stability. Its strategic presence in Venezuela, Curacao, Panama, and Puerto Rico includes eight companies, $700 million in assets and more than 2,000 employees.

Its balance sheet in positive year after year translates into sustained growth, greater efficiency in its operations and high ratings by A.M. Best. In addition to continuing to automate your system with state-of-the-art applications such as handling and digitizing documents that go hand in hand with Hyland Software, covering customer needs. It consists of:

  • Perceptive Content (ImageNow) that is used to store Mandatory Liability Insurance documents.
  • Perceptive Content Client used to query and process workflow documents in the Subscription and Claim processes.
  • Capture profiles are used only for the document import agent that are scanned from the SRO application.
  • Application Plans allows users to quickly find related documents from a particular subscriber.
  • The Import Agent the shared folder is constantly monitored and the claims and subscriptions documents from the SRO application are taken from the folder to automatically import them into the SRO Subscriptions or SRO Claims container, respectively.

Complying in such a way with a data flow that begins and ends the digitization of documents, this workflow is made up of conditionals that adapt to the criteria or needs presented by the client at the time of data collection.​

Ponce Health & Sciences University

Ponce Health Sciences University Logo

Provides the highest quality postgraduate medical education programs, in addition to the university’s research programs and health services. It has 2,993 graduate students and 1,490 active students.

This institution handles a high volume of student documents in each of the processes, through the different departmental units: Admissions, Register, Financial Aid and Student Affairs. For which, a platform with Hyland’s OnBase is being developed that will allow efficient filing and handling of documents, from the capture, organization, indexing and storage of documents to their recovery from the Jenzabar application. In short, automate the entire process, 100% paperless, have a digitized file.

In this new university cycle (already started in September) more than 1,400 students were enrolled, whose records will soon be digitized with the platform designed in OnBase. Each file can be 12 to 20-25 pages.  In addition, the institution has about 5,000 records (of inactive and active students) that will be digitized.

Once the process is automated, you will have:

  • The ability to consult the documents (there are 81 types of documents) of the student according to their ID, academic year, program, location (Ponce, San Luis, or San Juan)
  • The ability to consult the documents entered and the documents missing from the student, depending on the process, in each of the departmental units.
  • From the application managed by the institute, in this case Jenzabar, through the Application Enabler it will be possible to retrieve the documents stored in OnBase, just by entering the student ID and double-clicking on the desired / corresponding screen.
  • As well as the response times by the institution to the student will be reduced.
  • And it will facilitate the Audit process.

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