We Build Long-Lasting Client Relationships

It is our goal to provide innovative business solutions in order to be the partner of choice providing services to government and private industries in the areas of project management, change management, business continuity, and training.

We strive to provide efficient, flexible, and reliable services to our clients, delivering solutions within scope, on time, and within budget. Key to our success is partnering and developing long term relationships with our clients, understanding and meeting customers key business requirements and growing needs. We manage change with feasible solutions leveraging our experience and capabilities to succeed.

C2S has a reputation for quality work, a service-oriented team, and a knowledgeable staff in business related systems and applications. We provide business-consulting services in the following areas:

Project Management

  • Specialized consulting
  • Design, implementation and management of project offices
  • Design and implementation of project management systems (PMI)
  • Project risks analysis
  • Audits
  • Training

Change Management

Large and small-scale businesses can validate that changes are hard, but a lack of change, on the other hand, can mean stagnation. It could mean repeating mistakes or, sitting and waiting while others keep evolving at high speed. A few simple indicators demonstrating the needs of change are:

  • Profits and market share decrease year after year
  • Employees leaving for new jobs faster than you can hire replacements, increasing turnover rate and resource issues
  • Workplace technology holding employees back because of a slow or inefficient system


C2S business consulting services can help you identify when and how to implement changes successfully, avoiding risks and unwanted implications. The change process will begin by having clear learning objectives.

Service Scope

Many businesses need to stay true to the vision of the company while embracing evolution to meet ever-changing customer needs. Our change management services include:

  • Planning, organizing, directing and executing the change management and training process
  • Training methodology and Change management implementation under quality standards
  • Establishing the lead change and training management team
  • Coordinating of management plan during all project stages
  • Designing and executing key strategies for: Management of Involved Diagnosis of Profiles, Impact Mapping and Training
  • Monitoring and following up of Change management plan and Training
  • Evaluating Management Indicators and Results

Changes are coming faster than ever with digital times and customer demands. We are here to support your business needs to avoid losing relevancy and continue driving forward.

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

The purpose of BCM is to prepare a business for disruption by identifying potential threats and analyzing how the operation may be affected.

The C2S team has more than 25 years of experience offering:

  • National and international conferences
  • Undergraduate and graduate teaching
  • Awareness and training in environmental and integral risk management
  • On-site courses

Our service include:


  • Group planning, proposal, project goals, action plan


Evaluation and Risk Analysis

  • Identify risks, analyze probabilities, propose controls


Business Impact Analysis

  • Analyze critical processes, Recovery priorities, RTO’s / RPO’s, necessary resources


Strategy Development

  • Manual procedures, provisional operation, alternate processes, alternate site



  • Groups and tasks, continuous recover, resume process, documentation plan


Our services include:

  • Tools and methods development to mitigate risks
  • Elaboration of risk maps and quantification of vulnerabilities
  • Business development and continuity plans support